2016 October 18

About us

We are a company from Lithuania, Europe. Do you know that Lithuania is one of the fastest growing countries in Europe in terms of new technologies development? Virtual Reality industry is growing rapidly not only in Lithuania and Europe, but also worldwide, especially in countries such as US and UK. This why we deliver all our products to countries worldwide.

We supply best quality VR glasses for businesses around the world. We have many trusted clients in Europe and we also manufactured thousands of VR headsets for UK, USA and Autralia markets. This is what we’ve accomplished already:

  • 100+ satisfied B2B customers
  • Three versions of top notch quality VR Cardboards
  • Quick customers support in fluent English
  • Quick turnaround: we meet the deadlines
  • Producing VR Cardboards orders in mass quantities allow us to offer our clients very competitive prices. Contact us for a quote.

Try us! We will do everything to help your creative idea to become reality on VR Cardboard.

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