Custom Google Cardboards for an event in Russia

We usually make custom branded Google Cardboards for companies based in Europe, US or Great Britain and sometimes – Australia and South Africa. This time, though we did an order for a company based in Russia! The headsets – 4300 units – were used in a massive VR event, held in Sochi, Russia.

With this client we did lots of testing in design mock-ups and technical things. We had to produce a few physical samples, to find a perfect combination of design and lenses size best suitable for the client needs. This is what we finally came up with: 25mm lenses (which is not common for V2) instead of regular 34mm we use (which is identical to original Google Cardboard V2) nice blue design with image in front and event slogans on sides, assemble instructions printed on the inside of the headset, and a headstrap for more comfortable prolonged use. At the top of the page you can see a light blue headset – this is just one of the prototypes we did for the client while working on the final design.

The timeframe was limited, since the headsets had to be made and delivered to Russia prior the event deadline. We managed to produce all 4300 headsets and deliver  those to Moscow in less than 30 days from project start. The client absolutely loved it!

If you are looking for custom branded Google Cardboards – look no further! Our company is known as a reliable and professional choice by many VR events, startups and large commercial brands worldwide. We are known in Virtual Reality industry for producing high quality Google Cardboard headsets quickly and at reasonable costs. Contact us and lets discuss your next VR project – we will produce and deliver your custom VR headsets to any country!