Google Cardboard as Christmas gift for employees

Love your clients employees or customers? Google Cardboard as Christmas gift for employees colleagues or clients might be an original idea worth considering.

At Daydream.LT We love working with Custom Google Cardboards orders. It gives our team inspiration and feel of VR industry pulse. Every time a client sends back the Google Cardboard template with their design applied to it we are super curious on what they did and what is their Virtual Reality message. Christmas period is very busy for us so we did not have time to post this earlier, but here is one headset we created in late December 2016:


The design is absolutely beautiful! We loved it.

Here is a short digest on what we did with this custom order:

  • It was a fairly small order  – 500 pieces, but the lead time had to be very quick
  • The headsets were intended as gifts for employees
  • Company offices are all over the world, so we had to deliver this order in various batches from 5 to 150 pcs to following countries: France UK, USA (NYC), USA(Chicago), Belgium, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Singapore, Dubai, Australia, Costa Rica, Colombia, Mauritius.
  • The deadline to deliver goods on time for Christmas was very tight: we had only 14 days to produce the goods and deliver them to 11 countries on time. We did it, though!

Here are some images from production :

P.S. The image below is how the primary designed concept looked like. The client changed it a a bit for final order 🙂