VR advertising for Premium watches

Premium watches require premium clients. And these clients are not easily sold by regular advertising means. This is why our client chose branded Virtual Realty headsets to market their quality buyers database. Such headset is a really usable and unique gift, thus not too expensive per piece, once ordered in bulk. Here is a quick review of what we did for this client.


Firstly, together with the client we created a design, used the visual elements our client wanted to see and created a mock up in 3D to confirm everything is as it should be prior producing a physical sample or launching the whole order to mass production. Once the client confirmed everything is alright in 3D visualization, we produced a physical sample to recheck with the client if every design element, printing colour and overall experience matches the expectations.

Mass Cardboards Production


Once the client confirmed the sample (this time we had to do no changes to the design) we launched the whole order into our mass production line. Within 7 days the whole order was prepared, packed and few days later – delivered to our customer.


The client was so thrilled with the final results, that few days later they repeated the ordered for the same amount of Cardboards they had ordered at first! We are happy to deliver premium headsets and superb clients support for our customers: be sure to try our services! Our company is known as a reliable and professional choice by many VR events, startups and large commercial brands worldwide. We are known in Virtual Reality industry for producing high quality Google Cardboard headsets quickly and at reasonable costs. Contact us and lets discuss your next VR project – we will produce and deliver your custom VR headsets to any country worldwide!